I’ve been ‘tagged’ by Kathya Hidalgo to participate in a different kind of blog hop.  This one happens on Mondays, and each blogger who has been tagged answers five questions.  So, here goes…

What am I working on now?   This week I will be making a couple of last minute Halloween cards, but I will also be designing blog hop buttons for the Di’s Country INKers blog hop that will happen on Saturday of this week.  I use My Digital Studio to make them coordinate with the theme of the month.  For November, we will be showcasing Fall and Thankful themed projects.  I will also be working on several designs for my Christmas Card Stamp-a-Stack class on November 16th – that’s coming up quickly!!

Why do I create what I do?    That’s an easy one!  For me, Stamping and Paper Crafting is a great mental vacation.  It gives me a chance to escape the laundry and dishes for a little while and make something that’s visually pleasing, and that I know the recipient will be delighted with.  When I’m in my studio, all I’m thinking about is color, texture, balance, harmony, etc.  Oh, and maybe the RomCom in the DVD player or the series I’m binge watching on Netflix!  Ha!

How does my creative process go?   It generally starts with making a list of things I need to create for the week.  For instance, my upcoming Stamp-a-Stack.  I start with what stamp sets I want to use.  From there I pick a color theme to match the mood I want to convey in the card.  I might also turn to Pinterest to see how my stamp set is being used in the community.  Quite often I’ll meld things I like from a couple of projects that have caught my eye.  After that it’s a bit of trial and error like:  Does this ribbon work, or maybe that one will be better.  Does it need a pearl or rhinestone to take it up a notch?

How does my work differ from others in my genre?   I’m not sure that it really does differ all that much.  I can say that I lean heavily towards floral and or sparkly designs.  Those will always catch my eye first.  I do tend to do a lot of layers and use ribbon and bows quite a bit.  Clean and simple cards are a struggle for me, but I find that those are the ones that get the best results in my classes.  At this point in my creative endeavors, I’m really trying to discipline myself to keep it simple, but with all the wonderful stuff in the Stampin’ Up! catalog, that’s a bit like telling a kid she can only have one piece of candy from the Halloween bucket!!  Guess I’ll just have to make a ton of cards so I can play with ALL the candy…

Tag, you’re it!   With all that being said, next week, please visit my very talented sideline, Crystal Rood at www.stampinonroodfarm.blogspot.com   By the way, both Kathya and Crystal will be joining me for the Di’s Country INKers blog hop that happens on Saturday.  Please stop by and say hello!!



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