It has been an eventful few days in my household.  In a very good way, I’m happy to report!

My very first Grandchild was born on Friday night making me a new Grandma!  After nearly a full day of labor, Karly Grace made her entrance into the world.  Chris and I were invited into the delivery room as labor coaches and so we got to witness the miracle of her birth.  I think that as long as I live, I will always tear up every time I think about being present for those first moments of her life.  Other than the birth of my own daughter, this truly was the greatest gift I have ever been given, and I can never thank Jen and Jim enough for asking us to share that moment with them.

Yesterday, we brought my Mom up to the hospital to meet her first Great Granddaughter.  On the way there, Mom told me that she thinks everyone should call her GG for Great Grandma, but that it should be spelled GiGi.  I’m thinking that I kind of like that!  We’ve always called her Mom, Ma, Grams, Grammy – all the usual stuff, but this is kind of original and I think it fits.  Jen, who has always called her Grammy, is not so sure about that, but my Mom pointed out that maybe it’s time that I should be called Grammy.  I think it should be up to Karly to call me what she chooses, so we will have a little bit of a wait before my official Grandmother nickname is known.

GiGi managed to earn herself another nickname yesterday – Baby Hog!  She got a hold of that little bundle and was quite reluctant to share.  It’s all good tho as GiGi has a horrible sense of direction and would probably never be able to find her way to Jen’s house on her own – don’t think I’m gonna enlighten her either – Ha! - Barb and Rhonda


So, as if the weekend wasn’t special enough already, one of my dear Stampin’ friends from Arizona was in town.  This was a real treat as I only get to see her maybe once or twice a year at Stampin’ Up! Convention or Leadership conference.  We joke that my upline, Diana Gibbs, is my Stampin’ Mamma, and Rhonda, my up – upline is my Stampin’ Grandma so this has been a weekend full of Grandmother-ness!

We got together for breakfast this morning and had a lovely visit with our hubbys.  It was great to meet Dave and we hope to get to see him again soon.  Our visit was too short, of course, but I’m so happy that I got to see her.  Love you, Rhonda…

Now, if only some of my other Stampin’ family could have been here as well… (Di, Kristen, Marlene, Jacque, Melissa, Nina to name a few – sure do miss you guys!)

This Grandma has been doing a bit of hurried stamping during the week and not cleaning up after herself.  My stampin’ room looks like the wind we are getting outside today blew through it.  If I’m ever to think about making something pretty to show you next time, I’d better get my patootie in there and put things away.  Hope you have a great rest of your weekend!


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